If a picture is worth a thousand words,
then what about the packaging of your product?

ILJIN GRATEC USA, INC is your marketing partner. With our professional knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to bring the most innovative packaging ideas to life. With the most up-to-date advanced technologies and equipments, we are capable of exploring options as a way of bringing the best possible packaging solutions.
Engineered for high speed vertical or horizontal Form-Fill-Seal equipment. We specialize in the production of 8~10 color printing and adhesive lamination on a variety of different barrier laminated film for all types of flexible packaging products.
We have rich industry experience in offering various types of pouches with different sizes, styles, and color options. As printed performed pouches provide an alternative to rigid packaging and can packaging, it offers an increase in versatility, consumer convenience, and reduces packaging to assist in storage and distribution.
Side/Bottom Gusseted Pouch
The fastest growing pouch in the market place today is the box (quad seal or side gusset) pouch. Side gusset pouches are ideal for larger bags needing more capacity, as it allows for additional product capacity. Markets include pet foods, lawn and garden, and many other markets that need additional product capacity with less film required.
Spout Pouch
Spouted pouches are best suited for liquid or granular products. It is the newest and the most innovative method of liquid packaging that is both economical and environmentally friendly. They are economical because they are a lot smaller to ship to a packaging facility than a bottle would be, and they are environmentally friendly because they revert to a very small footprint in a landfill. We can provide either flat or stand-up pouch format and place the spout in the corner or center of the bag.
From Korea, we offer a lead time of 5 to 6 weeks on repeat orders and 7-8 weeks for new orders.

From China, we offer a lead time of 6 to 7 weeks on repeat orders and 8-9 weeks for new orders.
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