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     Our company boasts a culture of excellence that has been defined by our competitiveness and service to clients since 1995.

     We're not simply a packaging vendor. We're your full-service packaging solutions provider that you can rely on. From design to delivery, we follow each step along the way to secure the highest quality at the best prices and lead times. All the while, in ready communications with you.

      Formerly known as Kirin Packaging, we merged with our factory in South Korea to expand our offerings. In 2004, we joined with our sister factory in Guangdong, China to further increase production capabilities. Then, in 2015 we expanded again to offer PP woven products ideal for when strong yet cost-efficient packaging is needed.

     In 2015, we were awarded exclusive U.S distribution rights to pioneering automatic packaging machines from the largest manufacturers in South Korea. Thanks to our ever-expanding global network, we are proud to offer an extensive range of possibilities and solutions to our customers, old and new.

     We also offer warehousing for the customer's convenience as but one more way to provide our clients the most economical, effective and seamless executions possible.

One-stop flexible packaging solutions is who we are.
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From Korea, we offer a lead time of 5 to 6 weeks on repeat orders and 7-8 weeks for new orders.

From China, we offer a lead time of 6 to 7 weeks on repeat orders and 8-9 weeks for new orders.

Why Iljin Gratec USA?

     As an importer and a distributor with over 20 years of flexible packaging history, ILJIN GRATEC USA, INC has served various leading food companies such as: Daily’s Arbor Mist, Mike’s Hard, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Valley Fine Foods, Mother’s Cookies, and many other food manufacturers.

     Let us show you what more than two decades of experience can do for your bottom line. We understand the volatility of the retail market. Whether it is a need for material structure changes, material analysis, tight project deadlines, or more competitive pricing, we are no strangers to truly unique packaging plus logistics solutions.

     Our forte is our full-service approach. From packaging films to packaging machinery, we are equipped to meet your needs with outstanding value and service. This with our commitment to staying competitive in this market has allowed us to enjoy many long lasting relationships with our clients.

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